Cornea Suturing Wetlab


Learning Objectives

·         Understand the physics of corneal wound/incision closure

·         Create and close linear and stellate corneal incisions



·         Pig/goat eyes

·         Supersharp blades

·         BSS

·         Fine non-locking needle holders

·         10-0 nylon suture

·         Colibri or straight 0.12 forceps

·         Vannas scissors

·         Tying forceps



·         Please read the following:

o   Macsai chapter on physics of wound closure   

o   Macsai chapter on traumatic laceration repair

o   Krachmer section on corneal laceration repair   




1.       Inject some BSS into the anterior chamber of the pig/goat eye to reform the anterior chamber to physiologic turgor. 

2.       Use a blade to create a linear partial thickness incision in the cornea.

3.       Close this incision with 10-0 nylon sutures in an interrupted fashion.

4.       Repeat process with a full thickness linear incision as well as a stellate (Mercedes sign) full thickness incision.  

5.       Reform the anterior chamber with BSS to confirm that wound is free of leakage.