1.      Understand the physics of continuous curvilinear capsulorrhexis (CCC) creation

2.      Understand and demonstrate techniques to successfully create and rescue CCCs. 

3.      Understand and demonstrate how to enlarge a small capsulorrhexis

4.      Understand (and demonstrate depending on trypan blue availability) how to stain the anterior capsule with trypan blue, both under air and under viscoelastic

5.      Understand how to create a CCC in a morgagnian cataract

Instruments and supplies

·         Paracentesis blade

·         0.12 forceps

·         Viscoelastic

·         Keratome blade

·         Cystotome needle

·         Utrata forceps

·         3 cc syringe (for injection of air bubble if trypan blue available)

·         AC cannula (for injection of air bubble if trypan blue available)

·         Trypan blue if available


Reference material to be read or viewed prior to wet lab:


            Seibel: Physics of Capsulorrhexis


1.      Overview of continuous curvilinear capsulorrhexis creation, rescue, and enlargement:  



2.      Trypan blue under viscoelastic:



3.      Trypan blue under air:  



4.      CCC in a morgagnian cataract