Wet Lab: Extracap Wet Lab

After attending this lab, the student/resident will be able to:

1. Describe extracapsular cataract extraction

2. Understand indications

3. Review some different ways in which to perform ECCE

4. Practice classic ECCE procedure with 10.5 mm incision

5. Practice small incision ECCE 


0.12, 0.3 forceps

No 66 or 69 Beaver blade

Stab or Paracentesis blade

High molecular weight viscoelastic - we recently ran out of all OVD in wet lab ,and got a little from a rep Jim Marino, but definitely not enough! If we can't get more from our surgery sites, I'll buy some lubricating gel at pharmacy or would we be able to order OVD?   


Angled forceps


Corneoscleral scissors

Sinskey hook

Irrigating lens loop - we just have non-irrigating lens loops

Manual aspirating device (eg. Simcoe cannula) or automated I/A tip - for cortex removal, not sure how well we can do this in pig eye and if so, probably can use AC cannulas we have in lab 

Blunt Westcott scissors

Vannas scissors

10-0 nylon suture

8-0 polyglactin suture

Needle driver

Smooth tying forceps


Materials not used in wet lab

Lid speculum

4-0 silk suture if bridle suture needed

Corneal light shield

Reading Assignments:  BCSC Basic Techniques of Ophthalmic Surgery:  Chapter 13- Extracapsular Cataract Extraction
Pizza at 5:30 in Room 150
Please remember to double bag and waste in the RED Biohazard bags and call maintenance at 412-647-3370 for a pick up.


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