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About OphthalmicEdge.org

Many different forms and types of ultrasound are used in ophthalmology. For the purpose of this instructional website, Contact (through–the–lid) Diagnostic B-Scan will be the primary focus. I realize there are many diagnostic techniques and approaches to diagnostic ultrasound. The lessons are my personal preferences, which I have used for over 40 years. The tutorial is clinically oriented and geared to those with an interest in diagnostics as well as vitreoretinal surgery.

Many excellent and extensive publications have been written over the years concerning this field. All have been helpful but, in my opinion, lacked a critical concept of diagnostic information: real-time movement noted during ultrasonic examination. Real-time pattern recognition will be a major focus of this website.

The short lectures presented on this website are geared for ophthalmic technicians, ophthalmology residents, fellows and attendings with little or no understanding of Diagnostic Ophthalmic Ultrasound. The Video Liibrary of short movies represents an attempt to capture real-time imaging and pattern recognition for a wide variety of ultrasonic B-Scan diagnoses.

Many individuals have contributed ideas, comments, text and movie segments to this website. I thank each one and list their names under contributors below.

Over time, it is our hope to include contributors from around the world. The goal is to build a library of Real-Time Pattern recognition for Diagnostic B-Scan Ultrasonography of the Eye and Orbit to enhance our understanding and help our patients.

One further note… this site is not a diagnostic tool but rather one that addresses basic education. There is no intent to make diagnoses for those utilizing this website and it cannot be used for such a purpose.

Yale Fisher, MD- Founder